Month: May 2019

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

The body design

In spite of the fact that the SL1 is much smaller to any DSLR that has come out of the Canon assembly line, it surprisingly offers a bunch of physical controls. There is a dedicated exposure compensation button, exposure lock button as well as an ISO button at the top panel among others. To save precious real estate space the movie mode now sits as the third option on the power switch. Press that and then press the record button at the rear of the camera to start recording. Additionally the Q option now is merged with the SET button at the center of the rear wheel. The remaining buttons on the wheel has however no dedicated role to play. The top mode dial now can spin 360 degrees without stop just as in the Rebel T5i.… Read the rest

Instax Square SQ10

Since the advent of social media, Filipinos have become more digitally savvy-you’ll see daily posts of food, travels, or even OOTDs on Instagram and Facebook. With the (re)introduction of the instant camera here in the Philippines, it gave many young Filipinos another way to express themselves. Instant cameras quickly became a trendy accessory and as the years went by, Fujifilm has built a strong library of excellent instant cameras, and recently, with its release of the new SQ10, many photo-enthusiasts are flocking to stores to learn more about it.

What sets the SQ10 apart from other Instax cameras? Straight off the sensor, the much-anticipated hybrid camera combines the best parts of digital with the best parts of analog. It is also the first model that uses an instax square film-so for retro-junkies, the SQ10 is an indie dream. The SQ10 … Read the rest

Successfully Capture Any Event

Get the Right Photographer: You need somebody who takes extraordinary pictures, as well as who understands how to collaborate with individuals in the event space. Inquire as to whether the professionals have shot the sort of event you are facilitating some time recently, and look through his or her portfolio to figure out the individual’s style.

Don’t invade the privacy of your guests: Inform your guests beforehand that a photographer will be present to take pictures. There will be many guests who don’t want their pictures to be taken at an event so take precautions so as not to invade their privacy.

Hammer out all the details at first: Before hiring any professional, always make sure that you get all the details right. These details can include the timeframe they might take to finish the project; the price they would … Read the rest

Bridge Camera Cases

Taking your time and looking and selecting a case for you camera, take into consideration the dimensions of the camera and what accessories you will want to place in it for carrying with you, such as batteries, memory cards and leads, also if you want a professional look to your case and think about how tough it is outside and how soft inside to protect the camera case and lenses.

Some makes of cases that are on the market are:-

  • Amazon
  • Allcam
  • Trendz
  • Duragadget
  • Montana

Amazon do a case for Samsung WB 100 Bridge camera which is very robust outside made in a black webbed fabric and well padded inside with soft padding. This bag will also accommodate the Panasonic Lumix LZ20 and LZ30 cameras.

The dimensions for this bag are 130mm X 95mm X 85mm external size and 120mm … Read the rest

Methods Of Cleaning Camera Sensor

Camera cleaning mode

Most digital cameras have a sensor cleaning mode and this is what you should always try first before going for any other type of cleaning. You should remove the lens and then aim your camera downwards when engaging the cleaning mode. This way, dislodged dust and dirt will fall out easily. The sensor cleaning mode is sometimes all you need to have a clean sensor, but you might need to employ other cleaning options if this does not yield the results that you expect.

Air blower

Bulb blowers make other very good tools to help you clean the camera sensor. Choose larger blowers to get rid of dust from the sensor, but never ever use air that is compressed and canned on the sensor because your risk fluid damage. When using the blower, point the camera downward … Read the rest

Properly Care And Handle A DSLR Camera

Cleaning the lens

This is the first step to keeping the camera in good condition. Camera lenses are expensive accessories that need to be taken care of. A very soft cloth must be used to clean the surface of the lens to avoid scratches. Only use products that are specifically made for lens cleaning; never use a tissue or the bottom of your shirt to wipe the lens. It is better to stick to cleaning materials that are recommended by the manufacturer. These are available in a reliable camera shop or photography establishment.

Always make some time to clean the lens using a lens cleaning solution and special cleaning tissues. Make it a habit to apply the solution on the cleaning tissue instead of pouring it directly on the lens. This is to ensure that the solution does not drip … Read the rest

Dealing With Low Light

The Light

The water is not gin clear under the surface and has many minute and suspended particles in it. Because of this factor, the limit of the distance one can see and cover reduces. So, a photographer needs to get as close to the subject as possible in order to reduce the dark in the photographs. The next factor is the color. As you plunge down, the color fades out. The reds are the first to go. And further down, the more muted the colors will be. So, a flash is the best accessory to carry underwater.

The Technique

A good shot needs a good technique, especially underwater. Since you are dealing with low lights, the main concern in your photograph is the exposure and lighting. All you need to do is to set your camera in aperture priority … Read the rest

Tips For Boudoir Photography

If you are a first time Boudoir photographer there are a few things you need to do to prepare yourself and your subject for their shoot.

Before you go into this you should get online and study other Boudoir photographs to get a better idea of how your photos should turn out.

Decide on a Location

Deciding on a location that will make your subject comfortable is the most important. You want to always ensure they are comfortable. This will help them relax so it will be easier to be sensual.

Make sure you use soft or diffuse light. This will soften your subject’s features, and it will be a more intimate setting.

The Set Should Be Elegant and Feminine

Make your set elegant and feminine. This can be done easy in a bedroom or living room. Guide your subject … Read the rest

Determine Camera Bag

It is nearly impossible to carry every piece of equipment that a photographer owns at one time. They will carry what they are using at the time. The size of their camera and the kinds of lenses they are using will be important to consider.

Many photographers have different cameras for different situations. They will usually have a backup camera in case something happens to their best one. If these are dropped, it can do a lot of damage to them.

Camera bags can come in many different sizes. Some people will just need a small one. Other people are going to need one that is quite a bit bigger because they want to be able to carry a tripod and extra film or SD cards with them as well as different lenses for different shots.

It is important to … Read the rest

Video Editing With GoPro Software

The first thing you want to have is a designated folder for your video files. If you like to record a lot of video, then you would be surprised to learn just how much space it takes up over time and how quickly it can get out of hand for you to try to keep track of your files. For individual video projects you will want to create sub-folders and organize them either by date or by specific project titles. This will also make it easier to pull any videos for further edits.

On the technical side of the GoPro video editing process you want to be sure to have a dedicated video editor. If you are stuck using Windows Movie Maker then you will definitely want to download the free GoPro Studio Edit Software. This program natively handles GoPro … Read the rest