Editing Images on Mobile Devices

Editing Tools Possible on Mobile Devices

One of the best things about image editing software for your mobile devices is that the user can make most of the same changes that are typically done on a home computer. There are basic changes that can be made to photos that range from red eye removal, cropping and rotating. It is also possible to do a variety of other things like sharpening pictures, changing the brightness, contrast, and exposure adjustments. A couple other additional great editing options include image enhancements done with one tap or fixing any skin flaws with spot healing. Most of these tools are basic for editing images on mobile devices.

Special Effects

Many of the editing changes made to photos are typically the standard options previously mentioned. There is, however, a broad range of different changes that can be made to photos. It is possible, when editing images on mobile devices to make a number of changes to the overall feel of the photos. Images can be bronzed, inverted, they can be changed from color to black and white, and it is possible to make it so that your photos have a vintage look and feel to them. There are a number of other effects that users can use when editing images on mobile devices include silver blue, indio, pencil paint, and there are a number of lomo filters that are available for use.

If you love taking pictures and want the ability to edit them, even on your cell phone, there are applications available that will allow you to make a variety of changes to any of your pictures.