Indoor Portrait Lighting Tips

Many people indulge in indoor photography both as a hobby and also as a profession. But it is a very tedious and complicated part of photography as a lot of emphasis has to be given to the lighting aspect. Since it is done indoors, there is a limitation of the availability of the natural light. Below mentioned are certain lighting tips which turn out to be very handy. These are as follows-

  • A. The most ideal light for these portraits is the natural light that streams in through the windows. Whatever is the location, it has to be seen that the shots are taken under the natural light when it is at its peak to get that special effect.
  • B. Reflectors are the aids which help to increase the existing light thus their placement is of utmost importance. Ideally these have to be placed opposite to the subject( person or the object that is being shot) so as to add on to the quality of the light already present.
  • C. Besides the arrangement of light for a good shot, it is advisable to check for the photo length and the aperture of the camera.
  • D. For human portraits, the subject selected has to be photogenic for the best result. Correct light will help in enhancing the features and face even more.
  • E. For the best effect of light, it is to be made sure that the background is pure black. Black as a colour has a tendency to absorb all the light. If black is unavailable then it has to be some other dark colour for sure. Light coloured backgrounds tend to reflect the light more and hence the end result is pretty hazy.
  • F In case of shots where an artificial source of light is being used like a lamp, then its placing will play a pivotal role in getting the required portrait. The lamp has to be placed preferably to the right side of the subject and little above the head so as the entire light falls on the face and down.
  • G. The camera that is being used should ideally be placed on the tripod to avoid any type of shaking and also the speed of the shutter has to be fast.
  • H. It is always a tip to ask photographers to take different shots from various angles to get that perfect photo. For this varied lighting angles can also be adopted.
  • I. Last but not the least, the available light sources in the house can be utilised to get a good portrait. One can avoid hiring other light sources.

Portraits of self are always preferred by celebrities and common people alike. These can be individually taken or can be both couple and family photo type. These are a reminder of what we all value as an individual and that is beauty, commitment and love. Since it involves a lot of emotions, everything has to be just perfect. Once taken perfectly, these can be cherished by the generations to come!