Introduction to ISO in Digital Photography

The technology of camera has been developed rapidly. The latest camera invention is DSLR camera. DSLR is a digital camera which could create the digital picture. Digital camera is the technology which is able to stabilize the image. So, the pictures that are produced by a digital camera are cleaner than the traditional one.

The sophistication of the camera digital should be balanced with the owner skill. It will be useless if you have a digital camera but do not know well how to operate it. Therefore, you have to learn about the main component of digital camera and photography such as ISO.

ISO is the crucial thing on the digital photography. It can determine how the photo that you take is good enough in getting balanced light. ISO in digital photography measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The principle of ISO is not much different with the ISO in film photography. When you set the ISO in a low number, so it will be less sensitive to the light and fine the grain.

In general, the digital camera provides the feature which is given to user to have authority in setting their ISO, even though you can move to the “automatic” mode. This is very beneficial since the camera can adjust the ISO automatically, depend on the situation. It would be wise, as the beginner, you know about ISO and set ISO in a different situation.

  • Get Over It. If you set ISO in high setting (800), it is the perfect ISO to help you freeze the action at several events. If you love to shoot the moving action such as sport, the high ISO is good for you. 1/1000s is a common for freeze action. If you set ISO 3200, you would get some noise in the right amount. You may see the sharp noisy image for the better picture than blurry fine grained one.
  • Lighten Up. The common problem of ISO setting is the noise; the best way to minimize the noise is making sure that the subject is exposed brightly. You can expose your image little bit brighter than usual. It will create the better of your image.
  • Auto ISO. You can set your camera to AUTO ISO. It can be more value instead of you set manually. The ISO setting depends on the scene you choose. When you set the ISO manually, the exposure will adjust ISO to make the image look brighter or darker, it is so pretty handy.
  • Shoot RAW. The other tip to reduce the noise after you take a picture is using Photoshop application. Apart from that, the lightroom4 is more useful than Photoshop or Adobe camera RAW for the similar adjustment. Actually, on RAW, it is very nice to reduce the noise in jpg files.
  • Black and White. Mostly, black and white effect is used to create timeless accent. So, the noise will look like grain. So, when your image has so much noises, the solution is using black and white effect and look like historic style.