Juggle Modelling With Education

A good education is vital and something all aspiring models should not neglect. Experts can show you how to break into the world of freelance modelling whilst still ensuring that you get a good education. Many of our clients are still at school and manage to juggle a part time modelling career along side their exams. You need a supportive family and a strong mind to be able to do this.

If you are at school, college or university and you want to try and break into the world of modelling, then the best thing to do is fit castings and auditions in during your free time. Don’t miss exams and important lectures, as you will rely on your education if modelling doesn’t work out for you. There are many ways to get into the modelling world, either through a good model agency, through contacts or through self-promotion.

Indeed the modelling industry itself has many careers within it that could be just as rewarding as being a model. A qualification in fashion, make-up/ styling, photography, journalism or business management can land you a great job in the modelling industry – probably with more longevity than modelling itself. Don’t burn your bridges, leave all your options open. After all, your potential may reveal itself as you get older.

Your school or college should be supportive if you need to take time off to attend castings or photo shoots. However you should not expect to miss school or college during important exam periods. If you are putting yourself up for a casting and you know the job is during exam time or when you should be revising then don’t go to the casting. If you know you will not be able to attend the job (if you get it) then don’t waste the casting directors time, as they may not use you again. If you are studying then consider modelling as a part time job only – wait until you have finished your exams to delve deeper into the industry and discover what you could achieve.