Make Colorful Fleece Photo Blankets With Pattern Fabrics

To start putting your photo blanket, you need to determine which side of the fabric to use for the outside of your throw. When I made the blanket, it had a small white edge on the wrong side, where the fabric was bordered. So you can lay the print fabric face down on a flat surface. The wrong side of the fabric will be face up. You can also lay your solid fabric wrong side down, putting the wrong sides of the fabric together, so that the right side out will be face upward. You can put the solid fleece on the top of the quilt as this is much easier to see what you are doing.

Thus, you need to match the edges very carefully. Otherwise, it might look bad from both the sides. If they are not properly matched, you need to trim a side or adjust it for the perfect match. With the help of long straight pins you can match the ends and side together properly. Although, you can add extra pins that make your photo blankets straight and they keep the fabric intact while you work.

Apart from that, you can use a good pair of scissors. One is required for the smooth cutting. The first cut you will make is at your corner. So you can remove a square at the corners, about two inches by two inches deep. You can remove the excessive fabric which is not required. You can make two inches cuts down the side of the fabric. You can start in one corner and cut with a perfect way around the quilt. The whole procedure is depending on the experience that you have earned in your previous days. Based on your experiences and expertise, you may decide to measure your fabric before making your cuts. In this case, you can use a fabric pencil to pre-mark your borders. It is more helpful.

Nevertheless, to start the stitch procedure, you can take the solid color strip of materials and wrap it around the print of material. Make sure always use the solid strip to wrap around the other to keep your stitch looking consistent and neat. Before you starting the stitches, there are a couple of challenges that you have to be aware of in order to make the perfect stitches. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get the needle to come out on the inside part of the loop. The best way to make this process easier is to make a larger loop than you would like. You can make a straight line for the bottom part of the stitch and mark the portion where you will start and finish every stitch.

Furthermore, now that you have completed your fleece blanket, you may want to wrap it and give it personalized gift item. However, I personally prefer to put the photo blankets in a gift bag rather than a gift box. The bag maintains their shape properly. At the same time the recipient would happy to receive this type of gift item on special occasions.