Model and Photographer Trust

About the worst thing you can do is be unprofessional, moody, perturbed or uninterested. This brings immediate skepticism to your client who may not be confident that you are out to do your best work. This brings with it a negative connotation and preconception, meaning they will be actively looking for flaws in your work, even if those flaws are actually their own or their own image which you perfectly captured. See that point? And if even if you hadn’t considered this the prior, you need to be thinking here now that I’ve brought it to your attention.

Arguing with a client gets you nowhere, simply because; “a person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still,” meaning you’ve alienated your client even if you think you’ve won an argument. When there is trust on the other hand your client, especially your models and human involved pictures will turn out even better. I have a feeling the same is true if you are shooting animals and pets for your clients, if those pets trust you, and inherently like you, your job will be so much easier and those pictures will make those pet owners proud and your bank account swell.

If you are shooting glamor shots and you want to shoot the best models, you have to show them that your portfolio is filled with people you’ve made to look absolutely stunning. When they see that, they trust you, they follow your instructions and they work with you, in total confidence. This again means you get the best shots and your work will speak for itself bringing you where you need to be to move your professional photography business forward. Please consider all this and think on it.