Properly Care And Handle A DSLR Camera

Cleaning the lens

This is the first step to keeping the camera in good condition. Camera lenses are expensive accessories that need to be taken care of. A very soft cloth must be used to clean the surface of the lens to avoid scratches. Only use products that are specifically made for lens cleaning; never use a tissue or the bottom of your shirt to wipe the lens. It is better to stick to cleaning materials that are recommended by the manufacturer. These are available in a reliable camera shop or photography establishment.

Always make some time to clean the lens using a lens cleaning solution and special cleaning tissues. Make it a habit to apply the solution on the cleaning tissue instead of pouring it directly on the lens. This is to ensure that the solution does not drip inside the camera parts.

Cleaning the body of the camera

After cleaning the lens, work on the body of the camera using a soft dry cloth. Use a blower brush to remove grime in hard to reach parts. Never blow on your camera with your mouth; doing so will result to moisture accumulation and will be harder to clean.

Cleaning the filter on mirror lockup

There are times when tiny dust particles get trapped on the low pass filter covering the image sensor. When this happens, it is a must that you clean the filter as the dust will be seen in the images when they are left in there. You have to be extra careful when cleaning the filter for it is a very delicate part.

Although the process may sound tricky, you can do it at home. First, you have to set the camera on mirror lock. Ensure that the battery has full power to make it last till you are done cleaning the filter. This is to avoid the closing of the mirror when the battery goes dead while you are in the process of cleaning the filter.

Remove the lens of the camera. Make sure that a blower is nearby to blow off the dust. Go to the set up menu, select the mirror lock up option then follow the instructions displayed on the screen. The mirror will not close when you press the shutter release button. It will only close when the camera is switched off or loses power. Look for dirt that is clogging the filter by holding the camera under a bright light. If you see the dirt, turn the device downwards and use the blower to remove the dirt. Never touch the filter nor try to clean it with a cloth. If the dirt cannot be removed by blowing, you are left with no option but to bring the camera to a service station.