Understanding DSLR Settings

Read the manual. I know this is not fun… but actually, it kinda is. Try it!Visual learner? Hit YouTube. There are LOADS of videos on your new camera I’m certain. Surely you will learn all kinds of new stuff about your new gear there.Pick up a book that specifically your new camera. I own these two for my bodies.

  • David Busch’s Nikon D800
  • David Busch’s Nikon D4

After you have a good grasp of how your camera operates get out and shoot. Assign yourself some basic assignments. Create a list of photography projects that you have a specific interest in. Make sure you set a time frame and limit as well. Set deadlines. I have no idea why, but it makes all the difference. Join and participate in photography forums and especially ones that will offer member feedback and critiques. Get some think skin, and take the harsh comments for what they are. Submit your best work to photography contests. You can literally do this everyday and not run out of contests to submit to. Ask friends and family to let you give them a “professional” photo session. Take them out to a local, scenic location, preferably in late afternoon.

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