Month: May 2019

Wildlife Stock Photos

Online collection of photos is popularly known as a stock photo website. The stock photo websites house a great collection of images on various subjects such as humans, technology, automobile, wellness, and gadgets etc. One of the categories we find on these websites is wildlife stock of images. This category is a broad category under which the subcategories may include images of birds, animals, insects, landscapes, jungles, trees and other wildlife related images.

They are available widely on the Internet. All you need is to search for the term ‘wildlife stock photos’ and you are done. The search engine may display hundreds of stock photo websites that offer wildlife snaps.

While some photo stock websites may offer royalty free wildlife photos to be used free of cost, others may charge for them. On some websites, a small photo could be … Read the rest

Aspects of Color Theory

Lightness, also called value (Munsell) or tone, is defined as a colors placement on a brightness scale ranging from black to white. The Munsell color space, for example, divides the lightness axis, called value, into ten equidistant steps. Lightness, on the other hand, stems from the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) and Lab color spaces where it is used similarly to Munsell value only in percent. The HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) color space speaks not of lightness but of value and uses the word value differently than Munsell does. In HSV value ranges from black to not white, but to the fully saturated color. Paints can be made lighter or darker by adding white or black, but that also reduces saturation. “Tone” is an obsolete term that stems from darkroom photography to denote the lightness of a specific area of the … Read the rest

Apply the Golden Ratio

So what exactly is the golden ratio? In simple terms, it is a mathematical constant that appears repeatedly in nature and artwork. Yup – believe it or not, math is really important when creating quality art. To construct a golden rectangle, choose a number that will be the length of the rectangle’s short side. For the sake of this illustration, let’s say 500 pixels. Multiply that by 1.618. The result, 809 pixels, is the length of the long side of your rectangle. Therefore, a rectangle that is 500 pixels by 809 pixels is a golden rectangle. It obeys the golden ratio.

If numbers aren’t your favorite thing in the world, you can always use the rule of thirds and a grid to utilize the golden rule. The rule of thirds governs the placement of points of interest in your image.

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Digital Photography Techniques

Some basic ideas will help you be a successful digital photographer. Often, beginners are advised to use a technique called “compose in thirds”. To do this, you must imagine four lines, two horizontal and two vertical, like placing a tic-tac-toe board across the image. The idea is to line your main subject with one of the intersections and not place them in the center. For other photos, placing the focus in the center of the imaginary grid results in a perfect photo.

Another technique used in digital photography is to keep your camera steady. Otherwise, you will end up with a blurry image. Holding the camera correctly is the simplest way to prevent shakes which is holding it with both hands. Although this might seem obvious, many new photographers fail to realize that this is what is needed to increase … Read the rest

Long Exposure Photography

Use (ND) neutral density filter

Neutral Density filters are normally available in different stops. The type you choose really depends on how long the exposure needs to be and also on the brightness of the day.

Focus first

It will become nearly impossible to autofocus especially if you are using ND filter that is very dense. Sometimes, it may even be impossible to focus it manually. The reason for this is that ND filter will only allow a certain amount of light to pass through it although your autofocus definitely requires more light for it to function. The same is also true for your eyes. This means that you will first have to remove the ND filter, compose and then manually focus the shot and then finally replace the filter back and shoot. It is not advisable to use autofocus … Read the rest

Ways a Waterproof Sports Camera Can Help You

It’s time to click some good pictures

The first and foremost way in which a waterproof camera will be of help to you is by allowing you catch exciting and unique underwater moments with ease which a normal camera will not only allow you to do. Such cameras have a great flash light and handle strong pressure easily, allowing you to click pictures when under the sea. Being quite lightweight and compact in nature, waterproof sports cameras can be conveniently carried to any place without taking up too much space in a bag or purse.

They can withstand the weight

Some high-end and superior-quality waterproof cameras claim to withstand almost 100 kgs which is equivalent to the weight of a man standing on the camera! It is this feature that makes such cameras referred to as ‘rugged’ cameras.

They are

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GoPro Dive Housing For Camera

Go Hands Free And Still Get Great Photos

Fumbling with your camera underwater can be a bit of a hazard, and can lead you to dropping it, or not paying enough attention in a tense moment. The GoPro dive housing for your camera makes the solution simple, with headlight clips, or wrist tethers to suit your every need. These features make it one of the most versatile housing units in the world!

Almost Any Water Depth

The GoPro dive housing is rated for a maximum depth of one-hundred and 97 feet underwater. This means that you can use it on just about any diving expedition, and be sure that your camera is safe and snug. Diving, snorkeling, or even shooting an underwater film, this dive housing for your camera does it all.

Versatility For Different Cameras

This unit can house … Read the rest

Movie Settings for the Canon Eos 1300D or Rebel T6 DSLR

About is file size and frame rate. These things are quite important because they will decide the quality of the videos that you shoot. This camera is pretty good – it’ll shoot 1080p which is full HD and it will also shoot 720p which is standard HD – both of which are perfectly acceptable for social media platforms. In order to make those changes we go again into Video Tab 2 and find Movie Recording Size. If we press on that option then we get four choices. Depending on whether you’ve chosen NTSC or PAL, you maximum rates will be either 60fps or 50fps.

When you’re shooting stills with the Canon 1300D you have lots of choices. They’re all on the Mode Dial and they go from entirely manual to semi-automatic and then to entirely automatic options In most of … Read the rest

Quality Memory


Much like professional photographers know the importance of a great camera and an even better lens, they should also know the importance of choosing a high-quality memory card. Purchasing professional equipment is an investment in a photographer’s business. Regardless of price, the best products available should be used in order to provide the utmost in quality and service to clients. Here are some of the things that photographers should consider when selecting memory cards:

  • Size and Capacity:¬†All capacities are different. Consider your typical file size and how many images you shoot per job. Then choose a card that can handle three or more jobs at a time, to be safe. The capacity is typically relative to the size, which can be misleading when only looking at the card’s physical appearance. They are also
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Use Filters for Black and White Film Photography

Filters allow some wavelengths of light to pass through them, while blocking others from reaching the film, and so they alter specific grey tone values. As a rule of thumb, a coloured filter will allow light of its own colour to pass making its grey tone equivalent lighter, while contrasting colours are blocked resulting in their grey tone equivalent becoming darker. To put it another way, filters generally allow the user to make one set of colours darker, while complimentary colours become lighter.

The scene or subject being photographed often determines the choice of colour filter used, but yellow and orange are by far the most valuable tools for day-to-day photography.

The single most useful and versatile colour filter for black and white film photography is “yellow”. Yellow suppresses its opposite colour of blue, so will slightly darken skies and … Read the rest