Benefits Of Restoring Old Photographs

Old photographs that have not been printed on archival paper would tend to fade over time and even start losing portions of the images due to discolouring. Restoring such photographs by scanning them with a professional digital scanner and then recovering the faded areas, will ensure that these original photographs are now digitally preserved for future generations.

Two very important factors to consider is to use a high quality, professional scanner that ensures you scan to at least 300dpi in order to ensure that the images would be good enough to print. A second factor to take into account is the use a high quality photo editing tool such as Photoshop in the editing and restoring process.

The photo editing tool should at a bare minimum have the capability of removing faded areas, remove any colour casts, as well as be able to make use of content awareness in the removal and correction of scratch and stained areas in the photographs.

With all the latest social media sharing platforms such as Facebook and Pinterest, it has become part and parcel of the platform to share images with friends and family. What better reason to have your old photographs restored and shared with your family and friends, to bring back those old memories and create even more awesome discussions with friends and family.

A third benefit of restoring old images is the use of these images in genealogy applications. Old photos will definitely add so much more value to your own history. Having documented all the names and dates of your ancestors could be further enhanced even more if you add pictures to these names. This would be a great benefit for generations to come. Converting such historical information and the added photographs into a genealogy book will even further enhance the experience of everyone reading your book, if they could put a face to a name.

In conclusion, with all the latest technology available there is no reason why you should not seek professional help with restoring your old photographs and have them digitally secured for the enjoyment of sharing them with family and friends, and their preservation for future generations.