Bridge Camera Cases

Taking your time and looking and selecting a case for you camera, take into consideration the dimensions of the camera and what accessories you will want to place in it for carrying with you, such as batteries, memory cards and leads, also if you want a professional look to your case and think about how tough it is outside and how soft inside to protect the camera case and lenses.

Some makes of cases that are on the market are:-

  • Amazon
  • Allcam
  • Trendz
  • Duragadget
  • Montana

Amazon do a case for Samsung WB 100 Bridge camera which is very robust outside made in a black webbed fabric and well padded inside with soft padding. This bag will also accommodate the Panasonic Lumix LZ20 and LZ30 cameras.

The dimensions for this bag are 130mm X 95mm X 85mm external size and 120mm X 90mm X 80mm internal size. It comes with an attached belt loop and adjustable shoulder strap for carrying with ease and the case is double zipped with an overlapped top for extra security. There is a small pocket inside for carrying a memory card.

Allcam Soft Case

This soft carrying case is for large SLR type cameras such as the Fujifilm HS30EXR and HS20EXR.

The dimensions of the case are Height 20

5mm X Depth 100mm X Width 165mm with the top being wider than the bottom to protect the long lens more effectively these measurements are internal measurements.

The main compartment is padded with a thick layer of soft material to protect your camera from bangs, scratches and bumps.

The case comes with a handle on top, a belt loop on the back to carry on your belt and an adjustable shoulder strap. There are two side pockets, size 70mm X 90mm X 15mm for storing spare batteries, memory cards and USB leads.

The case weight is 399g and is dispatched as a boxed product and is priced at £8.98 at Amazon