Engagement Photos

Camera shy

While some couples are naturally at ease posing, the majority of us feel conscious. Eventually this camera shyness reduces. What I have found is that couples who had an engagement shoot do much better dealing with camera shyness on wedding day.

Getting to know your photographer

Engagement shoot is a great opportunity to build rapport with the wedding photographer. Both parties get to know each other better. A lot of verbal and non verbal communication occurs during the engagement session. Often photographers communicate with couple using gestures. By the end of the engagement shoot, the couple will have a better understanding of what these gestures means. This will make non-verbal communication easier on wedding day.

Photogenic angle

We all have our most photogenic angles. Experienced wedding photographer usually estimates best angle for photographing you. As a wedding photographer, I find that reviewing the engagement photos on a larger screen helps determine which side and angles flatters the bride and groom the most. I use this knowledge to capture beautiful wedding photos of bride and groom.

Professional portraits for slideshow, guest-books, and coffee table books

Engagement photos are usually taken at photogenic locations such as Deep Cove, Queen Elizabeth Park, and Stanley Park. I mention these locations as I am a wedding photographer from Vancouver. I am sure your city will have nice parks, or beaches, and other photogenic locations to take engagement photos. Photos taken at photogenic locations will naturally look very beautiful. A lot of engagement photos end up in the slideshow played during reception. Some of my clients have used their engagement photos to make guest-books, and coffee table books.

No time pressure

Imagine romantic photos taken at beautiful photogenic locations. Imagine elegantly posed photos of bride and groom. In an engagement shoot, there are less schedule pressures. Both the photographer as well as the couple are at ease and calm. This calmness shows up in the end result as well.