Need a Video Camera Stabilizer

A video stabilizing mount is a device used to hold the camera while recording videos as this prevents unwanted movement of the camera. Using a video camera stabilizer will give you the shake-free videos Using this will avoid the wastage of shots. Using a video stabilizer will save your video editing time. You can find a stable video as an output for the video you shot.

Martin Stevens in 1991 invented a handheld video stabilizer for the cameras and it is known as the Glidecam. It uses springs as shock absorbers. Whereas there are also some stabilizers that use gyroscope for sensing the disruptive motion.

Now let us take a look at the various types of the stabilizers

  1. Handheld stabilizers: This is probably the most easy video camera stabilizer for using and assembling. The users can just attach this one to their camera and that is it, ready to use. These handheld stabilizers are great for shooting videos while walking, running and while climbing stairs.
  2. Vest Stabilizers: These are the type of stabilizers that you can connect to your vest or waist which in result you have two free hands to maneuver the camera.
  3. Light Stabilizers: These are very easy to use as they are made using a lightweight material to be light weight. It is very much perfect for those who use heavy cameras for very long times during weddings, funerals, functions. As it can only carry up to a certain weight, you should make sure that the camera is light.

The handheld stabilizing mounts provide far better stabilization to your videos, but they are considerably costly to buy and use. And when it comes to the vest and light stabilizers, they can be very much easy to carry for the camera persons.