Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

Throughout this Nikon D5300 DSLR we have noticed that many of the features it has have been carried over from its predecessor. One example of this is the 39 point AF system. This is a great feature that keen photographers are happy to see is still present. The 9 cross type AF points alongside 3D focus tracking is great for those looking to take single shots of moving people, animals and objects without blurring.

The camera features a photographing rate of 5 frames per second and uses the 1016 pixel set up to give excellent exposure in many conditions combined with the well-known scene recognition system.

New to the D5300 us the build in receiver for Wi-Fi which allows you to send the images straight to a recipient device such as phone or tablet. The Wi-Fi also lets the user control the camera from their device by using their device which saves money on buying additional gear for remote shots.

The Nikon D5300 DSLR camera review has shown significant improvement to its predecessors sensor. The resolution has been kept the same at 24.4MP but the anti-alias filter has been removed. This allows a better clarity and sharpness level and covers a bigger ISO range of 100-12800!

The final improvement worth mentioning is the LCD screen. It has been expanded in size to reach 3.2 inches for better viewing and a higher resolution of 1037k-dots. It doesn’t have a touchscreen facility as with some newer models, however is still easy enough to use by those that have previous experience but want to upgrade.


  • The Wi-Fi being built in has been a godsend to users allowing them to control their camera remotely and send pictures straight to their devices.
  • The quality has not been compromised giving users durability that they can rely in in different settings.
  • A decent shooting range even when using continuously.


  • The 2.5mm mic socket is not for everyone, but there are adaptions that can be bought to use other equipment alongside it.
  • The kit lenses are not of the same quality of the more expensive kind, but are still more than enough for most photographers

This Nikon D5300 DSLR camera review has shown the camera to be an excellent upgrade for those looking to excel from entry level. With enough functions for improvement and learning to take place, without the confusion of some of the more expensive cameras filled with more functions that you would know what to do with. The new app and wi-fi function brings the camera up to date and allows the use of remote photography without the need to buy additional equipment.