Select Camera Flashes

  • Fixed Flash:-¬†They are part of the camera, and they use battery of the camera as their power source. These are suitable for routine photography and their use requires very less technical knowledge.The downside of these type of flashes is that, they drain camera battery very fast, and they don’t help us to produce very high quality picture.
  • Dedicated Flash Units:-¬†They are compact units with their dedicated power supply. They do not use camera battery so the life of camera battery is better in this case. These flashes fit in the camera shoe slot. They take inputs from camera circuit about the focal length of the lens, ISO sensitivity and shutter speed to accurately calculate the required intensity of flash. This feature can play a vital role in enhancing the quality of the images. These types of flashes can improve the picture quality to a great extent.
  • Xenon flashes: – These are useful in taking casual pictures, but sometimes they are used by professional photographers to take daylight pictures. They are very efficient while taking pictures under sunlight. These are very popular with the beach pictures and casual modelling photo shoot. The down side of these flashes is that they are not very effective in the low light conditions and this may result in a low quality picture in low ambient lighting conditions.

Out of these flashes listed here, you may select flash most suited to your shooting requirements. Proper camera and flash combination can create wonderful results.