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ISO Sensitivity

As photography means painting with the light, any photographer is in control of its composition (elements arrangement in the frame and even adding photo effects later or cropping it for a better result, for example) and exposure – when you press the shutter release you are just telling the camera to stay open for a certain amount of time and let a determined quantity of light in, reaching the camera sensor (digital) or film.

The exposure is controlled by 3 (three) adjustments we make in the camera: shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity. Shutter speed and aperture ultimately control how much light comes into the camera (we can compare this to a water tap – how much you open the valve and for how long will dictate the amount of water that will flow)… and how much light is needed … Read the rest

Introduction to ISO in Digital Photography

The technology of camera has been developed rapidly. The latest camera invention is DSLR camera. DSLR is a digital camera which could create the digital picture. Digital camera is the technology which is able to stabilize the image. So, the pictures that are produced by a digital camera are cleaner than the traditional one.

The sophistication of the camera digital should be balanced with the owner skill. It will be useless if you have a digital camera but do not know well how to operate it. Therefore, you have to learn about the main component of digital camera and photography such as ISO.

ISO is the crucial thing on the digital photography. It can determine how the photo that you take is good enough in getting balanced light. ISO in digital photography measures the sensitivity of the image sensor. The … Read the rest